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Welcome to my Country Cottage!

The journey begins! I plan to retire early, in March 2018. The preparation for this began last November when I purchased my "forever home" in my hometown in East Texas. My new house is right across the street from my Mom's! I never thought I would return here to live after leaving this little town the week after I graduated from High School. Of course, it has grown from 25 thousand to around 75 thousand people over the years. But it still maintains that small town vibe. Everybody knows everybody. I moved 200 miles away to go to college and made Houston, Texas my home. Now, a few decades later, I'm back home. Never say never.

While I'm on the journey to make the new house my home, I want to share with you what I'm doing. Hopefully, you'll visit my site often and join me as I create the "second half" of my life. The first half was an adventure, but I'm leaving the city life behind for a quieter, gentler existence. I'll try to introduce you and me to new, creative things to do. We will garden, cook, explore, create crafts, paint furniture, read, decorate, and find new ways to enjoy life! So, come join me and my little Chihuahua, Roxi, as we create a new life here in the country. I welcome your comments and suggestions. So please let me hear from you as you join me on this journey. Welcome to my Cottage!

P.O. Box 12517, Longview, TX 756072517

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