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Raised Bed Gardening

I had two of these raised garden beds when I lived outside of the city. They were relatively easy to build. All building materials can be purchased at a local home improvement store.. I had most of the materials on hand; leftovers from previous projects. I had a good harvest and the best part of this was that my gardens required very little care. By amending the soil, you give your plants the best possible environment in which to grow. Therefore, the thing you have to do is keep the garden watered. If you are truly handy, you might want to install some type of drip irrigation system. I've got a sunny spot already selected. I can't wait to get started again!

The innovator of this practical gardening method is a gentleman by the name of Mel Bartholomew. His Book, All New Square Foot Gardening, Second Edition contains detailed information and step-by-step instructions on this wonderful gardening method. He even shares with readers his successful soil mix recipe. Raised bed gardening is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to do the back-breaking tilling and weeding associated with traditional gardening. You can find Mel's books in most major bookstores or order them online at Amazon.(See Button Below).

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