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Brrrrrrrrrr! It is a chilly 40 degrees here in East Texas. November has come in strong and cold. I haven’t really had to wear a Winter coat in several years while living in the Southern part of the state. But now it looks like I’ll have to break out the old leather jacket if this weather keeps getting colder, as it usually does here. Yes, I still have a leather jacket. Doesn’t everybody?

Despite the on-going renovations, I did manage to finish building my raised beds. I started out with two, but decided to be ambitious and made two more. Now the garden is growing beds and I haven’t actually planted the first plant. I've amended the soil with lots of great nutrients. And I’ve put some plants in temporary containers, just to give the beds time to coagulate. I’ll be putting in some cold crops, like greens, cauliflower and cabbage. Then I can try my luck at building individual greenhouse covers over each bed.

I’m putting the plant seedlings out since they already have some growth. However, I’ll have to start my seeds inside. They will not be able to germinate outside in the cold weather. My second building project is a double compost bin made out of pallets! I saw this easy to create project online and had to have it. It’s a bit rudimentary, but it will serve the purpose. The resulting compost will be a wonderful addition to the garden in the Spring.

In this post I'll share with you the YouTube video instructions I found on how to build a rain barrel. I used this easy DIY instructional video and have created my very own rain barrel to catch water for my plants during the Summer. Sun-warmed water also promotes healthy vegetable growth. I’m loving building the beds, getting my fingers into the soil and creating my own private garden. I hope you will as well.

With the help of my Carpenter, Josh, I’ll be building an 8 x 8 garden shed to add to my garden decor! Watch out Chip and Joanna! Stay tuned for the pictures. While you’re waiting, if you’ve put your completed bed(s) on the ground and finished your soil amendments, don’t forget to plant some "cover plants" in your garden. Just as we are going to need extra cover in the Winter, so will your garden. Blogger, CaliKim, suggest broadcast spreading clover seeds over the bed or planting some beans and peas. As these hardy plants grow they will cover your beds in a warm green blanket. This cover will ensure the health of your soil over the Winter. When you’re ready for Spring planting, simply harvest your produce, then “chop and drop” the plants and use them as additional compost for your Spring Garden; composting in place as nature does when the tree leaves drop to the ground in the Fall.

Let me know about your Winter Garden. I know you’ll love the fresh-from-the-soil produce. The taste of your own home-grown vegetables is like none you’ve ever tasted, unless you have been Blessed to enjoy this delightfulness, created by another Gardner. So, considering how time flies, Spring will be here in no time and we’ll come back to the garden to see what’s happening then.


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