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We made it to the New Year! And a very cold one it is. Hopefully, we will have a short Winter cold spell. I for one am not accustomed to living in the 20-30 degree range. I’m gotten spoiled with one or two cold days and then going back to the 70-80 degree weather. This East Texas Weather is no joke! I’ve had to pull out the winter clothes, turn on the gas heaters and stay inside for more days than I care to count.

Winter does bring back lots of fun memories from childhood; good times spent with the family, after the football game bonfires, late night hot chocolate and baked goodies and playing in the occasional snow. But I swear I don’t remember it being this COLD for weeks at a time. Of course, good memories usually outlasts the bad ones.

At any rate, I hope you all made more very happy holiday memories this season. Sharing the holidays with the ones you love can produce some of the best memories of all. Relatives, being who they are, can bring happiness and sadness together in one big wonderful Holiday Season conglomeration. It’s funny how we seem to forget the madness over the years and only remember the good memories. Sibling rivalries disappear. Kin Folks make up and move on. And everyone learns to accept things and people as they are. The Holidays bring out the best in most people. And as Martha says…"That’s a good thing!"

So here we go with my first full year on the Homestead! My Carpenter and I managed to finish a bit of prep for the Spring. I’ve got new garden beds, a shed and have cut down a few trees and cleared the landscape for more beds and fruit trees. And we built a deck to relax on after a hard days work. Looks like I won’t have any egg-laying chickens. My city ordinances doesn’t allow coops any closer than 100 feet of the property lines Bummer! Maybe I’ll try rabbits! I’ll have to check to see what is allowed inside the city limits. And I could be a "Worm Farmer". That takes very little overhead and worms are good for my gardening!

Take a short stroll over to the projects and gardening sections and see if you can use the information that is provided there. You’ll have lots of down time for crafts and dirt work, even though it’s cold outside. Now is also a good time to try out some new recipes. There’s a delicious banana bread recipe here for you to try. Add some hot and delicious chocolate from your pantry, a hot and flavorful tea of your choosing, or your favorite hot coffee blend. Heavy on the HOT!! These brews are sure to delight your senses on these cold winter mornings!

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