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Oh, what a Beautiful Morning! I woke up to 2-3 inches of Snow at LGC! It must have come down silently last night. I turned off the lights around 1:30 am and don’t know whether it was snowing or not. But there was a beautiful “blanket of white” all over my corners today! It was like a Winter Wonderland. This only happens in East Texas. I never saw this much snow at one time in over 4 decades of living in the city. My Son’s birthday was on the 14th, so I had to send him pictures of the snow, since he’s not here to enjoy it firsthand. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Justin!

Living in the “country” brings a Simple Serenity (My Pinterest Tag) to everything. Something as simple as a Winter snowfall can conjure up wonderful memories of childhood. As I let the dogs out this morning, I was compelled to scoop up snow from the deck to see if I could recreate the Snow ice cream of days gone by. Thanks to YouTube, I found several recipes, picked out one that reminded me of my Mom’s, tweaked it a bit and came up with a delicious bowl of snowy delight! At first, I only made vanilla, but was intrigued by what other flavors I could come up with. Viola! I just happened to have Rum and Coconut flavorings in the Spice Cabinet. Let the experiments begin! Success! I now have all three flavors in the freezer. The recipe is simple. And you probably have all the extra ingredients in your pantry as well. Now wait for your snow and ENJOY yourself a bowl or two of natural goodness.

SNOWCREAM (Snow Ice Cream)

10 cups Clean and freshly fallen snow (Do not pack.)

1 tsp Vanilla Flavoring (or flavoring of your choice)

1-12 oz. can Evaporated Milk

1 cup Granulated Sugar

Scoop snow from your deck or other clean, non-grassy surface into a large party-sized bowl. Use a plastic beverage pitcher for ease in skimming the snow off the top layers. Put half of the snow (five cups), the vanilla flavoring, sugar, and 6 oz. of the evaporated milk (about half) into a smaller bowl. Stir these ingredients until you have completely mixed up the snow. It will be the color of the milk, a slight yellowish look. Next, add the remaining snow and evaporated milk. Stir the mixture again, until it resembles churned ice cream. Taste to your satisfaction. Of course, you may add more or less sugar or flavoring. There is no exact way to know if you have enough other than to taste it! Some like it sweet…. Others, not so sweet.

This basic recipe will yield about three cups of frozen delight. Store any left overs in the freezer for later. Double or triple the recipe if you have more people to feed. This is a great treat for a family to prepare together or a delightful way to entertain guests after dinner or at a Winter Party.

So, here’s a simple treat to share in snowy weather. Enjoy! May you and your family enjoy the Winter Season. Stay warm and let the Love Lights glow!

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